Perfect convertible cars for continental driving

A survey conducted earlier proved that 95% of people who own convertibles are still willing to buy another convertible. The research also showed that over 65% of the people are already in their second convertible car. In addition, the major reason why the people would like to use a convertible vehicle is to have the roof down during a sunny period after 77% of the population cited it as their reason.

The UK is the second largest market for convertibles in the world and the producers believe that the like of the vehicles will not decline with time. The use of the vehicles has continued to increase with time despite the unpredictable weather conditions and the ever changing economic situations. In the UK the vehicle dealers list over 21000 convertibles monthly with the average listing price quoted as 10500 pounds.

Finding a convertible

Is summer a good period to buy a convertible?

If you are intending to buy a convertible then the worst time to do it is on spring or early summer. The main reason as to why you should not purchase a convertible in the period lies in the law of demand and supply. Many people with interest in buying a convertible will always buy in the warm periods. Dealers will always give a small discount in summer as the number of people intending to buy them in the period would be large. The second hand dealers will also get high demands and therefore they will not reduce the price or offer any discount.

Always it will be important if you can hold and wait until the winter season when the demand is low. Due to the many discounts and offers in the season, you will be able to save large amounts of money and also get a quality convertible. The problem that will result from buying it in the winter period is that the convertible will have to remain in the garage as you wait for the warm seasons. The other problem will be that many people may withhold the sell of their convertibles as they wait for the summer period when the demand is quite high.

Perfect convertibles for continental driving

The highly favored convertibles include;

. Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1.2 TSI s

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1.2 TSI s

You can easily purchase it at a good price of 20000 pound while new or get a second hand. It is a small convertible that will make you enjoy being behind the wheels.

. Lotus Elise 1.6 CR

Lotus Elise 1.6 CR

It performs through its light weight which makes it cheaper to use than other models. After its entrance into the market, it was the least polluting and high performing sport vehicle in the whole world.

. Audi TT Roadster 1.8 T

Audi TT Roadster 1.8 T


It is beautifully built and easy to drive. It is not practical due to its limited boot space and cabin though it holds it value. It is also a four wheel drive vehicle and also very safe.

. BMW 3 series

BMW 3 series

It’s a stylish convertible, efficient and a proper build. Moreover, it is economical and has low emissions.

. Mazda MX-5 


It comes with a wonderful handling, stylish and simple roof that will make driving amazing.

. Porsche 911

Porsche 911 Turbo S Convertible

The convertible will have retained its value even after 3 years have passed. In addition, the car is fuel efficient which ensure fuel cost savings. The Porsche 911 is a real exotic car.